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HTC One mini Review

07 Oct 2013

The great HTC One mini ought going for

The HTC One mini is an elegant, great Smartphone that feels incredible in the hand because of its all-metal case and looks astounding owing to the premier-resolution screen yet witnessed. However its size made it seem just too large for various hands.

Size and build

The white artificial frame, rather than the HTC One’s aluminum cover, is the single aspect of the latest phone that is less than finest, and all the same, it does not appear bad, it is only a small style alteration from the first one. It is visually a bit more dominant judged against the One where the black monitor extended to the very edgings of the display.

And the shiny edge is perhaps more comfy to the feel. And it is after you feel it that you actually feel the variation. This is a bit lighter (122g rather than 143g) and feels excellently right-sized in your touch, the lightly curving rear making it feel slimmer than it is. 


Fitting exactly into the HTC One array, the HTC One mini is made in a similar way to the HTC One. The rear pane is a curled part of zero-gap aluminum, whereas the frontage sees aluminum coating the speakers. The screen is guarded by the normal Gorilla Glass, with the single major distinction between the HTC One and HTC One mini – except for the dimension - being the material utilized around the edgings.


HTC has incorporated fairly premium displays in the majority of their Smartphone’s recently, and the HTC One mini is no exemption. The phone comprises a 4.3-inch fantastic LCD 2 screen with a resolution of 1280 by 720, offering it a pixel concentration of 341 ppi. Fantastic LCD screens are an IPS TFT modification utilized entirely in HTC gadgets, even though companies for instance Sharp and Sony are frequently accountable for their creation.


Because the HTC One succeeded to incorporate the highest-resolution screen ever on a handset, it is no shocker that this smaller handset does not equal it. Where the HTC One has an amazing 468 pixels for every inch, this handset only has 342ppi. That is a huge drop; however, it still thrashes the iPhone’s Retina screen.


Continuing with the idea of an average-to-high end handset, the HTC One mini has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. The processor is a mid-range offering, having an Adreno 305 GPU, 1.4 GHz dual-core Krait 300 CPU, dual-band Wi-Fi, HSPA/LTE and Bluetooth 4.0 radios. 1 GB of LPDDR2 RAM is as well incorporated, beside 16 GB of inner storage with no microSD card slot.


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