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Galaxy Note 3 Review

07 Oct 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the power force in the industry

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is aspiring to carry on the same streak like the first Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note, presenting you a handset which could more or less be faulted for a tablet and would like you to think it is both.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is everything but tiny. A phablet entirely, it has an extremely big footprint judged against other Smartphone’s with display between 4.7” and 5”, and whereas it is slender at only 8.9mm thick, it definitely feels huge in your hand.

The pure size of the gadget essentially makes one-handed function impractical.


Samsung has bestowed the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a state of the art processor. The phablet utterly flies along, with instantaneous application loading and no noticeable delay anywhere in the operating system. 


The Galaxy Note 3 uses Android 4.3 "Jelly Bean" and boasts free right to use all the Google services and apps that are accessible via the Google Play Store, counting Gmail, Google Now and Chrome.

Nevertheless, like the majority of companies, Samsung opts to tailor the Android experience on its gadgets. Samsung's adjustments are recognized as TouchWiz, and comprise things like tailored settings menus, a custom keyboard, and a custom home display.


Samsung's 'S Pen' stylus as well encompasses a high prospective for being downgraded to only a device. Essentially, there is little you can accomplish with the stylus that you cannot with a touch, which is a lot faster and handier.

The Note 3's 'Air control' role brings up a spherical fast action menu that permits you to interpret a screenshot, but as well offers access to 'Pen Window'.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 packs a similar camera like the Samsung Galaxy S4, which creates clean, sharp and colorful pictures in decent light.

In reduced lighting, the camera can fight to focus well; nevertheless, it contrasts well to the majority of other Smartphone cameras and will get images of the same quality to the majority of committed compact cameras.

Battery life

Battery life on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is, like you may anticipate, a charge each day concern. That is not to declare it is bad, however if you would like it to stay for two whole days with no charge, with reasonable usage, and devoid of you agonizing about it dying, in that case you will likely be frustrated.


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