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Apple iPhone 5C Review

07 Oct 2013

Why you really need to go for the Apple iPhone 5C

The Apple iPhone 5c is the somewhat more reasonably priced sibling to the latest iPhone 5s. It is a bold move by Apple, nevertheless is it cheap enough?

Size and build

The c represents colour and the Apple iPhone 5c has an abundance of that. At start, the iPhone 5c is in five shades; pink, white, yellow, green and blue. It will definitely stick out from the multitude, particularly with each being colour synchronized with the opersting systemhome display.


Powering it is the A6 chip set up in the iPhone 5. It is still visibly quicker than the iPhone 4's A5 central processing unit and, with the iOS 7 update, the distinction is even more noticeable. The Apple iPhone 5c  multitasks with no difficulty and speeds through the user interface.

Playing graphic-intensive games and watching HD videos is as well impressive.


Those hopeful of a larger screen will be frustrated. Apple has continued with the 4-inch selection. In contrast to gossips, it is still a Retina view through a resolution of 1136 by 640 pixels at 326ppi.


The back iSight camera is a replica of that established on the iPhone 5, even if iOS 7 brings with it an innovative camera app that presents immediate filters and Instagram-like rectangle shooting. The 8MP feeler is not industry top however it takes straight shots. As aforesaid, the camera app has an innovative user interface that permits you to roll through video, photo, panorama and square capture. There are as well eight innovative filter choices to pick from.

iOS 7

The AppleiPhone 5c  was suited to iOS 7. The colourful OS appears incredible on screen and matchs the colourful framework. next to, an iPhone 5 running iOS 6 seems exceptionally dated and plain. Nevertheless, aside from visuals, it is difficult to notice the major variations between the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 using iOS 7.


The AppleiPhone 5c is fast. The A6 processor maintains the handset ticking all along and iOS 7 feels watery. The speaker stays situated at the base of the handset and although there is just one frame, sounds are better-off and music plays louder. With twin mics adoring the bottom and top of the handset, Skype calls and FaceTime are crystal clear as well.


The iPhone 5 presented LTE and at the moment the iPhone 5c presents an enlargeed record of LTE bands.


In opposition to the iPhone 5, the AppleiPhone 5c battery life is an upgrading. Estimated statistics are 250 hours standby, and 10 hours 3G talk time judged against 225 hours and  8 hours, in that order. 


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