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Samsung Galaxy Round - the Worlds First Curved OLED Phone

10 Oct 2013

Android smartphone with a 5.7-inch flexible display launches tomorrow.

Samsung was one of the first companies to offer curved OLED televisions, and now it can say it's the first to announce a smartphone with a curved OLED display too. Meet theSamsung Galaxy Round, a new Android handset that features a 5.7-inch curved AMOLED screen that is set to launch tomorrow, October 10th, in Korea.

Unlike earlier smartphones from Samsung like the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus—both of which used curved glass—the Galaxy Round is curved along a vertical axis, as pointed out by The Verge. It's not entirely clear what the benefits of such a design are yet, but Samsung has built in a few software features to showcase device's unique hardware.

Users can view notifications and other at-a-glance information while the screen is off by slightly rolling the phone along its curve using what the company calls the Roll Effect, and tilting the device creates a "visual interaction with the screen" with the Gravity Effect feature.

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