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HTC One Google handset will be a limited edition

30 May 2013

Taiwanese phone-maker HTC is expected to limit its run of pure Android handsets to just 50,000 examples. 
Reports that HTC is going to launch a Google Edition of its flagship smartphone, the HTC One, have been getting the Android community very excited in recent weeks. What started out

as a rumor several weeks ago, and one that was initially denied by the company, has since received off-the-record confirmation. However, Pocket Lint reports that there's a catch. The company plans to limit the run of phones to "around one percent of total sales of the device so far." Therefore, as 5 million HTC Ones have been sold since its official launch a month ago, that equates to a mere 50,000 phones that will drop the company's own interface, features and third-party apps in favor of an Android Jelly Bean-only interface.

Such a limited run will no doubt increase the phone's desirability -- tech blog Geek estimates that there is a 5 million-strong market for Android phones that pair the latest hardware specs with the latest version of the operating system plus the promise that when the next version or update to Android comes along, the device will automatically receive it.

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