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Apple iPad Air 2 launch on October 16

12 Oct 2014
Get ready for the Apple iPad Air 2 on October 16 Following a successful update for the iPhone in September, Apple has confirmed…

Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus bend in the pockets

25 Sep 2014
Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus bend in the pockets:   Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone Plus can bend in the…

Awesome Things Apple’s New iPhone 6 Is Rumored to Have

01 Sep 2014
It’s Apple devotees’ favorite time of the year again. The latest version in Apple iPhone is planned to be launch…

Is bigger really better for Apple?

30 Aug 2014
After ceding the smartphone and tablet size war to competitors like Samsung for the past few years, it appears Apple had…

Apple iPhone-Ready Device Is the World's Smartest Hearing Aid

26 Feb 2014
This might be the most practical piece of wearable tech we've seen yet. We hear a lot of talk about wearable tech being…

Latest from Apple: A solar powered iWatch and a supersmart iPen

08 Feb 2014
Will the iWatch come with a solar powered battery and the phablet sized iPhone with a new supersmart iPen? Apple’s…

Leaks show Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5 will outclass iPhone 6

08 Feb 2014
Galaxy S5 rumoured to be launched on February 24 The gory battle of smartphones just got fiercer. Warning ring tones have…

The real reason why Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Dubai

03 Feb 2014
He didn’t come just to pay a visit to the world’s tallest building Nope, it isn’t because the weather…

51m iPhones, 26m iPads sold: Now for Apple's iPhone 6 vs Samsung's Galaxy S5 war

28 Jan 2014
Apple declares profit of $13.1 billion Apple has scored over rival Samsung yet again with record sales during the last quarter.…

Apples mega iPhone vs Samsungs Note 3: Phablet-sized battle brewing

12 Jan 2014
Reports indicate that Apple could release a 5.7-inch phablet-sized iPhone to take on the Note 3 The smartphone war between…

Apples iWatch running late - Nokia keeps time

12 Jan 2014
Concept videos, images speculate as to what devices will look like It is not a secret anymore that Nokia is working on a…

Why 2013 was the year of the phablet, and 2014 will see a bigger iPhone

31 Dec 2013
The year 2013 can well be described as the year of the phablet (phone + tablet, for the uninitiated). Mainline smartphone…

Preinstalled BBM, free voice calls on iPhone and Android

26 Dec 2013
BBM Voice for iPhone and Android in 2014 For all BBM fans out there, here’s some good news. First, as you might have…

Video - iPhone 6 with EYE ID Retinal Scanner

21 Dec 2013
iPhone 6 with EYE ID Retinal Scanner Safety is a factor that should never be underestimated! Precisely for this reason,…

Will the next iPhone look like this? Click here

21 Dec 2013
The concept design features a very slim and curved model   How do you imagine your next iPhone to be. Thinner, larger…

One-Day Apple Shopping Event in Dubai UAE

29 Nov 2013
Friday is the one-day Apple shopping event.   The one-day Apple shopping event is on Friday, November 29.The Friday…

Free BBM for wifi-only iPads - UAE on hold

28 Nov 2013
BlackBerry's BBM for Android pre-installed on phones soon While BlackBerry’s connectivity in the boardroom and…

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